County prefect Introduction

zupan sisljagic th2Dear readers,
In order to promote cooperatives as relevant factors of economic growth and development, the Osijek-Baranya County has, together with the ’’Poduzetnička mreža’’ Cooperative, initiated the project of publishing a publication entitled ’’Zadruga za 21. stoljeće (Cooperative for the 21st Century)’’. Publishing of the above publication is aimed at making the broader public familiar with cooperatives as a form of international linking and association of entrepreneurs and at introducing existing and future entrepreneurs with the benefits from doing business in cooperatives and thus generate prerequisites for development of cooperative entrepreneurship.

A constant rise in the number of cooperatives and their members demonstrates that our goal has been accomplished and that the Osijek-Baranya County is the leading county judging by the number of newly established cooperatives. Considering the appertaining legal amendments and statistical modifications, it has come to a need for data update and publishing of a new publication. Beside the Osijek-Baranya County and ’’Poduzetnička mreža’’ Cooperative as the creators and initiators of this project, the Croatian Association of Cooperatives and the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts have also got involved into the preparation of the new publication after becoming aware of the importance and quality of this project which has experienced transformation from a regional to a national level. The ’’Zadruga za 21. stoljeće (Cooperative for the 21st Century)’’ publication enable us to easily find out about the legal framework for cooperative establishment, cooperative principles, identity and form of cooperatives, procedure for cooperative establishment and supporting institutions. In fact, this publication contains these and a number of other useful tips. This is a new edition of the ’’Zadruga za 21. stoljeće (Cooperative for the 21st Century)’’ publication and I have an honour to proudly present it to you. I hope that the efforts invested in the preparation of this publication will not be futile and that in the future, there will be even more cooperatives, which will then result in further development of cooperative business and economic advancement of the Osijek-Baranya County


County prefect
Vladimir Šišljagić, PhD.

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