ZPM (Entrepreneurial Network Cooperative) Manager’s foreword

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Dear readers,
I am proud to present another edition of a brochure named ’’Zadruga za 21. stoljeće (Cooperative for the 21st Century)’’. Our original idea to prepare such a brochure, which we came up with in 2006, has been successfully implemented in cooperation with the Osijek-Baranya County. By the time, the brochure has been updated several times and translated into English. In 2012, it was recognized at the national level as well. All the copies have always been rendered to the target group and broad readership.

Therefore, it has come to a need for republishing, which is what we are doing right now. The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts co-financed, within the ’’Entrepreneurial Impulse’’ project for the year 2012, the project activities of the ZPM (Entrepreneurial Network Cooperative) aimed at publishing this brochure. The authors have drawn up the brochure in line with all the applicable legal regulations which have been, at least as cooperative societies are concerned, amended to a great extent. The new brochure provides the readers with plenty of relevant information intended for handling the procedure for cooperative establishment and registration and guides them through the path of successful cooperative operations. We truly hope that cooperative members and future cooperative society founders will use this brochure as a sort of a guide for their associations and entrepreneurial activities since lately, more than ever, joint activities, market approach and consolidation have been gaining importance. This tendency mostly reflects in agriculture but also in other activities. Our service-providing cooperative society is an example of possible successful 10-yearlong operations in the segment of encouraging the development of small- and medium-sized entrepreneurship and might serve as a proof that every activity can be conducted in the legal form of a cooperative society. The ’’Zadruga za 21. stoljeće (Cooperative for the 21st Century)’’ brochure is supported and co-financed by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts and Osijek-Baranya County to which we express our gratitude hereby. It is published both in Croatian and English and is to be distributed throughout the Republic of Croatia and made available in all regions and relevant institutions: the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts, Croatian Association of Cooperatives, counties, entrepreneurship-supportive institutions, chambers and other institutions aimed at encouragement and development of entrepreneurship. All this makes us believe in the success of our brochure and the success could mean a need to prepare new, updated and top quality brochures in a year or two.


Manager of the ZPM
Sandra Dominić, BEc

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