Association of Craft Cooperatives was established primarily for the development of its members and economic and technological impact on them. The association emerged from the need to co-create and search for original business ideas, which will not remain the privilege of one cooperative, but improve each cooperative in the sense of information, knowledge and ability. Association members maintain full autonomy, but create the possibility to jointly participate in the market, if there is a business interest, achieve greater participation in different government incentive programs, inform in time about all legal and other changes that can influence their business. Croatian market requires new products, cooperative members need more economical way of production of “old” products and many substitutes for some products which have to surpass the original. Considering the developmental task of the association, which wants to enable such development policy, it is necessary to more cooperate with ministry in the government, closely work with the Croatian Association of Cooperatives and Croatian Association of Craft Cooperatives, which has potentials and, according to current knowledge, wants to help.

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