Croatian Association of Cooperatives is a business unit (it can be called umbrella organization) of COOPERATIVES AND COOPERATIVE UNIONS, established to promote, coordinate and represent the interests of cooperatives, cooperative members and cooperative unions. The union represents the interests of
cooperatives and cooperative unions before national and other bodies at home and abroad. Each newly established cooperative shall submit the decision on registration in the register to the Croatian Association of Cooperatives within 15 days from the date of registration. Croatian Association of Cooperatives organizes professional service to perform professional, administrative, additional and other business.

Tasks, i.e. business activity of the Croatian Association of Cooperatives are:

  • Promoting cooperatives and cooperative principles.
  • Representing interests of cooperative members and cooperative unions before state administration bodies and other organizations.
  • Giving opinions and suggestions to state bodies for adoption of legislation in the field of cooperatives
  • Providing professional and other help for cooperative members, cooperatives and cooperative unions when establishing, managing and closing cooperatives and cooperative associations.
  • Record keeping of cooperatives and cooperatives associations.
  • Conducting cooperative audit.
  • Organizing exchange of cooperative goods and services and promoting cooperative goods and services.
  • International cooperation.
  • Organizing and educating cooperative members and managers and cooperative associations` employees.
  • Business consulting for members and developing business plans and feasibility studies.
  • Publishing newsletters, magazines and professional literature
  • Mediating in trade of cooperative goods and services.

Members of Croatian Association of Cooperatives are:

  • cooperatives
  • professional cooperative association
  • territorial cooperative association

Professional bodies of the Croatian Association of Cooperatives are:

  • Professional service of the Association
  • Council for the Advancement of Cooperatives

Bodies of the Croatian Association of Cooperatives are:

  • Assembly
  • Board of directors
  • Supervisory board
  • Court of Honour
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