Except the state administration, the process of creating stimulating entrepreneurial environment includes other state institutions and development agencies and funds. They all share a common goal – to provide support for small businesses, cooperatives with advice, financial resources, education or in other ways in order to get an opportunity in the market to verify their business ideas and conceptions and transform them into a successful entrepreneurial venture.
We can state following supporting institutions of great importance for the functioning and development of cooperatives:
Croatian Association of Cooperatives
Ministry of Crafts and Enterprises
Ministry of the Economy
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Tourism and other ministries
Units of regional and local governments
Centre for Entrepreneurship, Business Incubator, Technology Centre, and other institutions for the Entrepreneurship development

As the state financial institution, Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development should have a special place in this institutions scheme.

Therefore a part of professional work linked with development of cooperative from regional and local governments needs to be separated into special professional institutions. They are, primarily, local development agencies which should create development and coordinate activities of other
institutions, then Centres for Entrepreneurship which offer the entrepreneurs services from advice and informing to assistance in cooperative establishment and business through free consultant services, design of business plans and other project documentation, accounting services, etc.

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