Name of cooperative
When it comes to the cooperative’s company or to selection of its name, one should take account of the fact that the company contains a designation suggesting that it is a cooperative and the main activities which are to be conducted. If the membership in a cooperative involves special properties which symbol it, the cooperative may stress those properties in the company’s name. Do not use character spacing when typing the cooperative’s name and do not put it under quotation marks since you will have to do the same every time in the future. Pay attention not to use a name already chosen by some other cooperative registered with the same Commercial Court. The name of a cooperative may consist of any word accepted by Croatian, Latin or Old Greek and egarding application of word Croatia or any derivative of that word, one needs special consent of the Croatian Government or of a state body empowered by
the former. As to check the availability of a cooperative name, the online registry of the Commercial Court can be used.

All the provisions that are not regulated by the Cooperative Act and relate to the company are subject to corresponding provisions of the current Company Act.

Cooperative’s business operations
The scope of business of a cooperative may refer to performance of any activity which is prohibited by the law. Like limited liability companies, cooperatives may register as many activities as they want to. By the year 2005, business operations or activities had been entered into court registry in accordance with the National Classification of Activities and thus the codes of activities and their abbreviated names had been entered. However, the Act
on the Amendments of the Court Registry Act (Official Gazette no. 54/05), this provision was amended and now it reads: ’’The scope of business / activities are registered with the court registry in line with special laws.’’ Notaries provides assistance with respect to the name of activities which are to be accepted by the Commercial Court. Bear in mind that registration of activities does not imply automatic licence for their performance! For example, cooperatives registered for conducting catering, commercial, tourism and transportation activities are required to, prior to the commencement with their business operations, obtain a decree on meeting the requirements for performance of desired activities concerning the place of business and equipment by the Economy Office. Every activity refers to the law regulating its performance. For instance, the Tourism Act regulates who is entitled to perform a certain activity, in which way and under which conditions.

Members’ stakes
All the cooperative members deposit the same stakes which except as money, can appear as items and rights calculated into their pecuniary value. The amount of members’ stakes and the deadline for stake settlement are set forth by the Cooperative Rules and shall total at least 1,000.00 HRK each (pursuant to the former Cooperative Act in force until 31 March 2011, the minimum stake was not prescribed by the law). If items or rights are deposited, their value is assessed by a licensed court expert. It is recommended that members’ stakes are calculated in such a way that their sum is sufficient for the initial costs of a cooperative. This sum does not have to total 20,000.00 HRK as prescribed by the law for limited liability companies, but cooperatives are usually founded for realization of serious business interests and it is not advisable to jeopardize the business start by an inadequate member’s stake. Members’ stakes are transferred to the cooperative’s bank account which can be opened at any bank after rendering the signed and certified cooperative rules. The certificate on the transfer is later enclosed with the application for registration into the Court Registry.

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