Because the establishment of cooperative represents the basic joint principle of mutual assistance of all cooperative members and cooperative subcontractors and protects their economic and other professional interest, in order to achieve mutual goals according to the law and cooperative regulations. Because it meets clearly set goals, easier creates a positive environment to start and develop entrepreneurial initiative in any way and contributes to the idea of small and middlesized crafts development.

Because it provides:

  • maintaining a positive entrepreneurial environment and investment atmosphere
  • continuity of more favourable financing
  • efficient supportive institutions
  • development of entrepreneurial infrastruure
  • model development of business connection between small economic businesses and development of co-operative relations legalization of entrepreneurial activities in the area of gray economy

and because it enables to:

  • provide sufficient and favourable financing for the development
  • introduce QMS – adopting ISO standards
  • raise the level of technological development
  • ensure constant education of cooperative members and co operators – acquisition of new knowledge
  • develop models of business connection between small businesses with large businesses and supporting system to strengthen the manufacturing sector
  • identify possibilities for development of new brands
  • intensify promotion of county entrepreneurship
  • communicate intensively with entrepreneurs
  • accomplish mutual networking and cooperation of all supporting institutions.
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